LXIV SIGA Annual Congress
“Plant genetic innovation for food security in a climate change scenario”

 14-16 September 2021

SESSION 2 - Filling the gap between potential and actual yields: Novel routes to boost crop yield

2.01 Tardieu F., Welcker C.
Improving yield for suboptimal conditions: making use of alleles for adaptive traits
2.02 Rotasperti L., Tadini L., Chiara M., Crosatti C., Guerra D., Tagliani A., Forlani S., Ezquer I., Horner D. S., Rossini L., Tondelli A., Paolo P.
The barley mutant happy under the sun 1 (hus1): a further step towards a new generation of pale green crops
2.03 Miculan M., Nelissen H., Ben Hassen M., Marroni F., Inzè D., Pè M. E., Dell'Acqua M.
A forward genetics approach integrating GWAS and eQTL mapping to dissect leaf development in maize (Zea mays)
2.04 Crosatti C., Michelotti V., Tafuri A., Gazzetti K., Rossi R., Migliorini C., Guerra D., Cattivelli L., Mica E., Battaglia R.
Identification and functional characterization of key genes influencing yield potential in barley
2.05 Caradonia F., Buti M., Flore A., Morcia C., Ronga D., Terzi V., Francia E., Milc J.
Gene expression changes in leaves of grafted tomato seedlings induced by Funneliformis mosseae treatment
2.06 Mangini G., Blanco A., Nigro D., Signorile M. A., Simeone R.
QTL cluster for grain size and phenology traits reveal candidate genes involved in grain yield of durum wheat
2.07 Campana M., Staffolani G., Di Tella B., Bozzoli M., Invernizzi  C., Viola P., Oliveri F., Elisabetta M., Desiderio  F., Cattivelli  L.
Characterization of a Global Durum Resource for spike and grain traits
2.08 Bozzoli M., Milner S. G., Sciara G., Salvi S., Sakuma S., Golan G., Schnurbusch T., Corneti S., Stefanelli  S., De Sario F., Ormanbekova D., Ammar K., Dreisigacker S., Goundemand E., Devaux P., Massi A., Maccaferri M., Tuberosa R.
Phenotypic and molecular characterization of Qgns.ubo2a, a major locus responsible for spike fertility on Triticum turgidum ssp durum.