LXIV SIGA Annual Congress
“Plant genetic innovation for food security in a climate change scenario”

 14-16 September 2021

SESSION 4 - NGS: Next Generation SIGA

4.01 Zhang Y.
Tomato as a model plant for studying metabolic regulation
4.02 Aude C.
Improving water-use efficiency through the temporal and spatial uncoupling between water loss and carbon gain: insights from a combination of high-throughput phenotyping, quantitative genetics and physiology
4.03 Caproni L., Iohannes S. D., Woldeyohannes A. B., Miculan M., Abate Desta E., Fadda C., Pè M. E., Dell'Acqua M.
A data-driven approach harnessing genomic, phenotypic, and bioclimatic diversity reveals climate-driven genomic offset in a collection of Ethiopian teff
4.04 Bordignon S., Farinati S., Milani A., Panozzo S., Scarabel L., Varotto S.
New insights into an exogenous RNAi-based approach for endogenous genes silencing in plants
4.05 Salonia F., Ciacciulli A., Pappalardo H. D., Poles L., La Malfa S., Licciardello C.
Genome editing applied to induce lycopene accumulation in anthocyanin-rich sweet orange varieties
4.06 Foresti C., D'Incà E., Vitulo N., Galli M., Zenoni S.
Reconstructing the VviNAC factors intra family regulation network orchestrating the grapevine berry ripening
4.07 Puglisi D., Delbono S., Visioni A., Ozkan H., Kara I., Casas A. M., Igartua E., Valè G., Lo Piero A. R., Cattivelli L., Tondelli A., Fricano  A.
Genome-enabled prediction models for grain yield, transpiration rate and below-ground traits using a barley MAGIC population
4.08 Sicilia A., Catara V., Scialò E., Lo Piero A. R.
Induction of anthocyanin biosynthesis triggered by pathogen attack is associated with dfr and ruby promoter methylation in blood orange fruit [Citrus sinensis L. (Osbeck)]
4.09 Delvento C., Pavan S., Nazzicari N., Ferrari B., D'Agostino N., Taranto F., Lotti C., Ricciardi L., Annicchiarico P.
Genotyping-by-sequencing of two ex situ collections provides insights on the pea evolutionary history
4.10 Sirangelo T. M., Salimonti A., Forgione I., Zelasco S., Vendramin E., Angilè F., Fanizzi F. P., Benincasa C., Carbone F.
Genetic and development factors affect the expression of genes involved in fatty acid and phenylpropanoid biosynthesis and in light signal transduction in olive fruits
4.11 Canton M., Forestan C., Marconi G., Bonghi C., Varotto S.
Epigenetic signatures regulate flower bud endodormancy in peach (Prunus persica)
4.12 Ghidoli M., Dell'Anno M., Sangiorgio S., Scarpelli L., Reginelli D., Rossi L., Geuna F., Pilu R.
Development of new varieties of Camelina sativa: chemical analysis and genetic characterization through GBS
4.13 Colombo F., Bertagnon G., Frescoso A., Pesenti M., Pilu R.
Chasing drought stress in lpa1-1 maize mutant: a comparison between the root system architecture and the epigeal part of the plant
4.14 Marzorati F., Mizzi L., Morandini P.
NORMALIX: A Shiny-Based Application To Investigate Plant Transcriptome Data
4.15 Garosi C., Ferrante R., Vettori  C., Paffetti D.
Meta-analysis as a tool to improve the knowledge of the molecular response model to abiotic stress of Fagus sylvatica L.
4.16 Borin M., Vannozzi A., Palumbo F., Scariolo F., Barcaccia G.
Developing and testing molecular markers in Cannabis sativa (Hemp) for their use in variety and dioecy assessments
4.17 Staiti A., D'Amelia V., Aversano R., Garramone R., Carputo D.
StMYBATV, a R3-MYB interfering with cell fate and shape determination in potato
4.18 Di Guardo M., Farneti B., Khomenko I., Modica G., Mosca A., Distefano G., Bianco L., Troggio M., Sottile F., La Malfa S., Biasioli F., Gentile A.
Genetic characterization of an almond germplasm collection and volatilome profiling of raw and roasted kernels
4.19 Joseph J., Canton M., Quaggiotti S., Bonghi C., Varotto S.
Nitrogen dynamics and bud dormancy: A transcriptomic study in peach
4.20 Li R., Maioli A., Zhe Y., Bai Y., Milani A. M., Valentino D., Pompili V., Comino C., Lanteri S., Moglia A., Acquadro A.
Gene editing of PMR4 promotes resistance in tomato varieties towards late blight (LB) attacks
4.21 Terzaroli N., Petrella R., Cucinotta M., Marconi G., Colombo L., Albertini E.
Characterization of APOSTART members: does apomixis run strong in this gene family?
4.22 Di Marsico M., Porceddu A., Albertini E., Marconi G.
Effect of grafting on DNA methylation in apple
4.23 Palumbo F., Vannozzi A., Magon G., Lucchin M., Barcaccia G.
The grapevine (Vitis vinifera L., Pinot Noir) floral atlas: identification of whorl-related molecular networks and tissue specific genes in pre- and post-anthesis
4.24 Miccoli C., Gambacorta  G., Urbinati G., Santiago Reyes M., Gentile A., Monticelli  S., Caboni E., Verde I., Vendramin E., Micali S.
Application of New Breeding Techniques to improve important agronomical traits in Prunus species
4.25 Palermo  N., Marmiroli N., Pignone  D., Buffagni V., Janni M.
Unlocking the hidden potential of genetic diversity to improve durum wheat resistance to heat stress
4.26 Poles L., Ciacciulli A., Pappalardo H., Salonia F., Distefano G., Gentile A., La Malfa S., Licciardello C.
Genome editing applied to citrus to induce seedlessness
4.27 Rossi R., Shaaf S., Gipli V., Tondelli A., Cattivelli L., Salvi S., Rosignoli S., Daszkowska-Golec A., Gajecka M., Rossini L.
Identification and characterization of major QTLs for culm diameter in barley
4.28 Pirrello C., Magon G., Magris G., Licursi V., Matus J. T., Lucchin M., Vannozzi A.
Insight on the VviMYBC2-L4 transcriptional regulation role in Vitis vinifera through DAP-seq and GCN analysis
4.29 Aprile A. M., Coppola M., Diretto G., Molisso D., Di Lelio I., Sinno M., Woo S. L., Pennacchio F., Rao R.
The combined application of the Trichoderma harzianum bioagent and the systemin peptide on tomato plants is a very efficient strategy for pest control
4.30 Magon G., Pirrello C., Orduna Rubio R., Magris G., Fattorini C., Licursi V., Matus J. T., Lucchin M., Vannozzi A.
Definition of the VviWRKY3 transcriptional orchestration in grapevine integrating gene co-expression network (GCN) and DNA-affinity purification sequencing (DAP-Seq) approaches
4.31 Fattorini C., Amato A., Magris G., Magon G., Licursi V., Zenoni S., Pezzotti M.
Dap-seq analysis of VviNAC03 transcription factor in Vitis vinifera