LXIV SIGA Annual Congress
“Plant genetic innovation for food security in a climate change scenario”

 14-16 September 2021

SESSION 5 - Abiotic stresses and resource use efficiency in a changing climate

5.01 Tester M.
Genomics-driven genetics to support development of saltwater agricultural systems
5.02 Baldoni E., Frugis G., Martinelli F., Benny J., Paffetti D., Buti M.
Identification of common key genes and regulatory pathways involved in drought tolerance in four Gramineae species through a comparative transcriptomic meta-analysis
5.03 Giannino D., Testone  G., Sobolev A. P., Mele G., Gonnella M., Giuseppe  A., Biancari  T.
Integrated “omics” of leaf endives stressed by downpour-induced waterlog reveal insights in nutrient variation and molecular aspects of kestose and inulin pathway.
5.04 Colzi I., Buti M., Vergata C., Gonnelli C., Cicatelli A., Guarino F., Castiglione S., Aprile A., De Bellis L., Martinelli F.
Gaining insight into the molecular and phenotypic effects of transgenerational memory due to chromium stress in plants
5.05 Francesca S., Vitale L., Arena C., Olivieri F., Maggio  A., Barone A., Rigano M. M.
Physiological and genomic characterization of a tomato genotype able to improve resource use efficiency in water-limited conditions.
5.06 Ferrari G., Prazzoli L., Beretta M.
Expoliting salt stress tolerance in Solanum pennelli introgression lines
5.07 Aci M. M., Mauceri A., Abenavoli M. R., Sunseri F., Lupini A.
Short-term transcriptome response to low nitrate revealed N-related differentially expressed genes in two NUE-contrasting tomato genotypes
5.08 Fasano C., Donald N., Carr C., Herzyk P., Amtmann A., Perrella G.
Unravelling the function of the histone deacetylation machinery during stress transcriptional responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
5.09 Clemens M., Faralli M., Piazza S., Varotto C., Malnoy M., Dalla Costa L.
Elucidating the role of VvEPFL9-1 in grapevine through gene editing and physiological phenotyping
5.10 Urbanaviciutè I., Bonfiglioli L., Pagnotta M. A.
Response variation to salt and drought stress among durum wheat genotypes at seedling stage
5.11 Cappetta E., Esposito S., D'Alessandro R., Docimo T., De Palma M., Tucci M.
Genome-wide survey and expression analysis of the Cynara cardunculus DOF gene family reveal a potential role of CcDof18 and CcDof20 in abiotic stress response
5.12 Aversano R., Gambuti A., Forino M., Villano C., Sicilia A., Lo Piero A. R., Nicolosi E., Ferlito F., Bonfante A., Monaco E., Buonanno M., Succi M., Iorizzo M., Tremonte P., Coppola R.
ADAPT: a multidisciplinary project to decode the influence of agro-climatic conditions on the gene expression and microbiome of wine grapes
5.13 Molisso D., Cirillo V., Aprile A. M., Lentini M., Esposito M., Chiaiese P., Maggio A., Rao R.
Tomato systemin: a valid weapon against biotic and abiotic stress agents
5.14 Picarella M. E., Farinon B., Giovenali G., Mazzucato A.
Mitigation of high temperature-induced phenotypic alterations in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) plants engineered for an L-proline transporter
5.15 Giovenali G., Gasparello J., Kuzmanovic L., Dell'Orso A., Gambari R., Finotti A., Ceoloni C.
Heat tolerance response of chromosomally engineered durum wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant lines: analysis of morpho-physiological parameters, yield-related traits and miRNA expression under controlled stress conditions
5.16 Kuzmanovic L., Dodd  I., Virili M. E., Giovenali G., Ceoloni C.
Response to drought of durum wheat germplasm harbouring the 7el1 introgressions from Thinopyrum ponticum on chromosome 7A
5.17 Alfieri M., Napoli S., D'Apuzzo N., Ambrosone A., Leone A.
Melatonin- induced seed priming in two pepper (Capsicum annuum) local varieties
5.18 Pane M., Gentile D., Castaldo C., Chiaiese P., Lanteri S., Comino C., Moglia A., Di Matteo A.
Over-expression of a tomato glutathione S-transferase gene highlighted its role in controlling the cell redox state
5.19 Lupini A., Aci M. M., Mauceri A., Abenavoli M. R., Sunseri F.
A Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis (WGCNA) approach to uncover N-forms interactions in Arabidopsis
5.20 Ruggiero A., Cirillo V., Van Oosten  M. J., Caullireau E., Scotto  F., Francesca S., Costa A., Punzo P., Rigano M. M., Grillo S., Maggio  A., Batelli G.
Selection of resilient tomato genotypes in nutrient and drought stress conditions
5.21 Rossini L., Ferrario C., Arrighi M., Rossi R., Cornaro L., Beretta V., Caselli F., Zanzani V., Mendes M., Cavalleri A., Shaaf S., Biswas A., Vajani A., Janiak A., Chmielewska B., Battaglia R., Von Korff M., Horner D. S., Gregis V.
CLIMBER - Confronting CLIMate change impacts in BarlEy and Rice
5.22 Bozzoli M., Condorelli G., Groli E., Neumann K., D'Auria J. C., Maccaferri M., Altmann T., Tuberosa R.
Relative water content and osmotic adjustment analysis on contrasting drought response durum panel accessions