LXV SIGA Annual Congress
“From genes to fork: On Mendel’s footsteps”

 06-09 September 2022

SESSION 2 - One health - Developing the holobiont concept

2.01 Peng Y., Xiaoming H., Xingping C., Hochholdinger F.
Genetic control of maize root formation and its interaction with the rhizosphere
2.02 Bertola M., Righetti L., Gazza L., Ferrarini A., Fornasier F., Cirlini M., Lolli V., Galaverna G., Visioli G.
Evolution of rhizosphere microbial communities’ composition and activity during perennial wheat crops cultivation
2.03 Vangelisti A., Cela F., Simoni S., Avio L., Turrini A., Sbrana C., Incrocci L., Pardossi A., Natali L., Cavallini A., Giordani T.
Arbuscular symbiosis in soilless culture: transcriptomic and biochemical analyses in Lactuca sativa plants.
2.04 Cuccurullo A., Yoneyama K., Bouwmeester H., D'Agostino N., Festa G., Camerlengo F., Contaldi F., Cardi T., Nicolia A.
Phenotypic comparison of CRISPR/Cas9 tomato mutants targeting genes responsible for the biosynthesis of strigolactones
2.05 Martinelli F., Vergata C., Ferrini F., Moura B., Buti M., Baccelli I., Mengoni A., Vaccaro F.
Hidden plant responses to urban particulate matter
2.06 Giovannini L., Sbrana C., Giovannetti M., Avio L., Lanubile A., Marocco A., Turrini A.
Differential modulation of plant and fungal phosphate transporters and expression of mycelial traits in diverse mycorrhizal maize inbred lines
2.07 Calastri E., Cremonesi P., Biffani S., Mattana M., Genga A., Pizzi F.
Scouting Cannabis sativa associated microorganisms in open field, may we get something more than yield?
2.08 Shahpari A., Campana M., Baffoni L., Di Gioia D., Alberoni D., De Vita P., Gadaleta A., Tuberosa R., Maccaferri M., Salvi S.
The influence of different wheat genotypes and species on rhizospheric and endospheric bacterial communities