LXV SIGA Annual Congress
“From genes to fork: On Mendel’s footsteps”

 06-09 September 2022

SESSION 4 - Comparative genomics and pangenomics

4.01 Wulff B.
Sustainable control of disease resistance – the case for GM wheat
4.02 Bozzoli M., Bruschi M., Nefzaoui M., Prestera M., Thomelin P., Ober E., Quiroz Chávez J., Ramirez Gonzalez R., Gaurav K., Arora S., Uauy C., Brande W., Tuberosa R., Maccaferri M.
Exploiting the full potential of a low-linkage disequilibrium, fully re-sequenced Agilops tauschii collection for GWAS targeting root system architecture
4.03 Guerra D., Viottini G., Li C., Naz A., Mascher M., Stein N., Cattivelli L., Tondelli A.
A gene duplication at the Blp1 locus is associated with the black grain phenotype in barley
4.04 Toppino L., Sirangelo T. M., Tassone M. R., Bagnaresi P., Lopatriello G., Delledonne M., Rotino G. L.
Genomic and transcriptomic investigation about Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melongenae resistance in ‘305E40’ eggplant line
4.05 Rossato M., Marcolungo L., De Antoni L., Lopatriello G., Bellucci E., Cortinovis G., Frascarelli G., Nanni L., Bitocchi E., Bett K., Ramsay L., Konkin D. J., Delledonne M., Papa R.
CRISPR-Cas9-based repeat depletion for high-throughput genotyping of complex plant genomes
4.06 Procino S., D'Agostino N., Miazzi M. M., Moraga R., Zelasco S., Gadaleta S., Montemurro C., Taranto F.
GBS-based SNP markers to elucidate genetic relationships among olive Mediterranean cultivars
4.07 Ventimiglia M., Bosi E., Vasarelli L., Cavallini A., Mascagni F.
ASTER-REP, a database of Asteraceae sequences for studying the structure and function of transposable elements
4.08 Graci S., Ruggieri V., Barone A.
Exploiting re-sequencing data of a thermo-tolerant genotype to enhance high-temperature response in tomato
4.09 Castellacci M., Usai G., Vangelisti A., Ventimiglia M., Simoni S., Natali L., Cavallini A., Mascagni F., Giordani T.
The haplotype-phased genome assembly for Ficus carica L.: an ancient crop with promising perspectives
4.10 Taranto F., D'Agostino N., Dellino M., De Giovanni C., Fanelli V., Mangini G., Miazzi M. M., Montemurro C., Stevanato P., De Vita P.
Identifying genetic variants associated with variability in polyphenol oxidase profiles in tetraploid wheat (Triticum turgidum L. ssp.)
4.11 Vincenzi L., Marcolungo L., Di Vittori V., Degli Esposti C., Alfano M., Santamarina C., Bitocchi E., Bellucci E., Nanni L., Rossato M., Papa R., Delledonne M.
Low-coverage imputation for haplotype identification from low-coverage data
4.12 Desiderio F., Rubiales D., Mazzucotelli E., Guerra D., Fricano A., Bagnaresi P., Valè G., Cattivelli L.
Fine mapping of a leaf rust resistance gene derived from emmer wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum)
4.13 Tassinari A., Forestan C., Emanuelli F., Tuberosa R., Salvi S.
Dissection of the regulative control of Mads69, a gene underlies a major flowering time QTL, Vgt3
4.14 Marchese A., Carbonell-Bejerano2 P., Martínez E., Morales A. M., Lee C., Cattivelli L., Bagnaresi P., Armadoro S., Giovino A., Marra F. P., Monroe G. J.
Preliminary data on pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) genome sequencing and assembly
4.15 Zeng X., Campana M., Mazzucotelli E., Forestan C., Bozzoli M., Stefanelli S., Corneti S., Novi J., Cattivelli L., Gadaleta A., Pozniak C., Sonnante G., Tuberosa R., Maccaferri M.
A Tetraploid Core Collection (TCC) from the Global Durum Genomic Resource assessed for resilience traits including root system architecture, stem anatomy and developmental traits
4.16 Nefzaoui M., Frascaroli E., Maccaferri M., Yahyaoui A., Castillo D., Tuberosa R., Dreisigacker S., Ben M'Barek S., Bockelman H., Kouki H., Araar C.
Morphological characterization of durum wheat (Triticum Durum L.) landraces for Zymoseptoria Tritici resistance