LXIV Congress of the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (SIGA) – 14-16 September, 2021

This is an online event, offering oral sessions (see below) and an interactive poster session on the same topics. All sessions will feature invited talks by international authoritative speakers.
New to this edition, a “SIGA Young” session will be held, organized by SIGA members 35 or younger, and titled: “NGS: Next Generation SIGA”.
SIGA Congress Poster Awards will be attributed to the ten best poster presentations from young participants, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.


  • Session 1 – Unlocking the potential of genetic resources
  • Session 2 – Filling the gap between potential and actual yields: Novel routes to boost crop yield
  • Session 3 – The bright and dark side of seeds: nutritional, antinutritional and functional properties
  • Session 4 – NGS: Next Generation SIGA
  • Session 5 – Abiotic stresses and resource use efficiency in a changing climate
  • Session 6 – Plants as biofactories
  • Session 7 – Plant Genetics and Breeding