LXVI SIGA Annual Congress
“Climate-smart plants to feed the future”

 05-08 September 2023

SESSION 5 - Exploring the plant epigenomes

5.01 Zilberman D.
Long-term epigenetic inheritance and phenotypic diversity in natural populations
5.02 Bevilacqua I., Moffa L., Varotto S., Chitarra W., Nerva L.
Harnessing genome editing to elucidate the role of histone variant H2A.Z in grapevine
5.03 Liva M., Magris G., Di Gaspero G., Schwope R., Catacchio C. R., Daponte A., Ventura M., Morgante M.
Analysis of genetic and epigenetic structure and variability of grapevine centromeres through the use of long read sequencing and T2T assemblies
5.04 Frisullo L. S., Caruso S., Bocchini M., Marconi G., Albertini E.
How does the parental epigenome influence the fruit quality of progenies?
5.05 Bocchini M., Marchetti E., Mariani A., Santoro D. F., Frisullo L. S., Capomaccio S., Dionigi M., Albertini E., Marconi G.
Can the electromagnetic waves help for plant resilience?
5.06 Scialò E., Marconi G., Russo R., Sicilia A., Albertini E., Lo Piero A. R.
Analysis of DNA methylation changes induced by cold and 5-azacytidine treatments in blood orange fruit [Citrus sinensis L. (Osbeck)]
5.07 De Rosa V., Bunello F., Falchi R., De Paoli E., Vizzotto G.
Transcriptome and methylome dynamics during bud dormancy and deacclimation in grapevine
5.08 De Paola D., Pentimone I., Margiotta B., Finetti-Sialer M.
Analysis of the small RNAome from an Apulian landrace of wheat under water deprivation
5.09 Luzzi I., Radanović A., Cvejić S., Jocković M., Jocić S., Dedić B., Gvozdenac S., Ćuk N., Jocković J., Hladni N., Jeromela A. M., Kondić-Špika A., Miladinović D., Varotto S.
Chromatin features and epigenetic-mediated mechanisms in Helianthus annuus L. in the climate change scenario
5.10 Luzzi I., Bouché N., Consiglio M. F., Probst A. V., Varotto S.
Unravelling the role of chromatin-mediated memory of stress adaptation in response to extended drought and recovery in Solanum lycopersicum